Time to say Goodbye ………

Some blog posts are easy to write, couple of minutes and they’re done, this is not one of them.

If you follow us on our Facebook page, you will already know what I am about to tell you.  

After 28 years of the Caprese and 4 years of Don Costanzo, Costanzo has made the decision to retire from the restaurant business.  It was a decision that he struggled with since he loves what he does but the time has come to hang up his whites.  Those of you who know us well know how we work.  We work long, hard hours with very little time left for quality family time.  Now he deserves to put his feet up (for a while) and just relax.

With Costanzo retiring, this of course means the end for the restaurant.  He is Don Costanzo and Don Costanzo without the “Don” would just not be right.  We have therefore made the decision to close our doors for the final time on 31st December 2015, Hogmanay, to go out with a bang.  We will say goodbye to the old year and our customers at the same time and welcome in the New Year in a positive way for an exciting future ahead of us, whatever that may be.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have remained loyal customers, who have followed us from the Caprese, we appreciate you sticking with us.  A big thank you also to our new customers who didn’t know the Caprese existed and have now become regulars in Don Costanzo.  We have met some wonderful people, many of whom we now call friends and we will miss you all immensely.  We are a family run restaurant and many of you are like extended members of that family.

This leaves us with 3 months, not long at all so I am sure that we will be seeing some of you in the coming months before we close, to say goodbye.  We will still be doing our Live Music Dinner Dances on the last Friday of each month with the last one being in November (next one September 25th) with not many tables left for all three of them so now is your opportunity to book a table.  

I will sign off now and hope that this news finds you all well.  Take care everyone x

3 thoughts on “Time to say Goodbye ………

  1. Hi Jo/ Constanzo

    Thanks for telling me about this. I’ve been retired now for four years and actually sometimes I miss work – so maybe, after a rest, Constanzo should consider doing something since he is a great restauranteur.

    I’m in canada at the moment till end October so I’ll definitely come for a meal before year end.

    Best wishes

    Bob >

  2. Costanzo,
    You and your team have been one of the special things in Glasgow over the past years. This is just to say thank you for providing the exceptional food, welcome and entertainment to me, my clients and my families on many occasion. It takes hard work and talent to produce this every time and every day. It has been a pleasure to pay your bills even though I generally had no idea what the total would be until the end of the meal as you always seemed to persuade my guests with your “recommendations”. Not me though…., your Puttanesca Picante is too good to miss.

    The whisky I will leave with this note at your restaurant is another special thing in Glasgow. Like your food it comes at a price and always satisfies. Please enjoy a glass with one piece of ice and a very special friend or two in Capri.

    Best Wishes on your Holidays: Roger
    December 31st 2015

    • Such lovely words Mr Maxfield. I read them to Costanzo just now with a few tears in my eyes, so much so that Costanzo could not understand what I was saying! It is a very emotional time for us and tonight I am sure will be a night full of mixed emotions with a sadness to say goodbye to our wonderful customers but also excitement at the new life ahead of us. You know Costanzo enjoys a malt or two so that is a very kind thought for you to help him celebrate his retirement with a little dram. We wish you and your family a very happy new year and we will see you very soon I am sure. All of our best wishes for the coming year ahead from Costsnzo and all of the team x

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